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Glebe Markets is one of the most well establish and longest running markets in Sydney. It is situated in Glebe and is very much an inner city market in style. It is a vibrant, lively place, where stallholders can sell a wide range of products.

Its inner city location, close to the CBD, ensures a steady stream of customers. There is a growing interest in distinctive, innovative and creative designs, particularly in clothing and accessories. It is also a great place to trial a new product and establish a small business.

Book your Glebe Markets stall online using our online form.

How much does a stall cost & what is the size?

Stall price is for the space only and does not include tent or tables.

Casual Stalls

  • 2.4m x 2.4m stall at $104
  • 3m x 3m stall at $115
  • Corner Stalls extra $5

These prices do not apply to “Premium” stalls. These stalls are very high traffic areas and have higher prices.

Food Stalls
The above prices do not apply to food. You must apply directly. Food or produce stalls can not be booked via on line booking system. Please email or phone us to apply for any type of food or edible product stall.


  • Tables are an additional $10 each Table size 2.1m x 90cm
  • Corner stalls extra $5

Regular Stalls (monthly’s and permanents)
We have 2 stall sizes to choose from:

  • 2.4m x 2.4m stall at $94
  • 3m x 3m stall at $104
  • Corner Stalls extra $5

Please note: Some variation does occur in pricing for corner stalls and prime locations.
(We don’t supply tents. Please be aware that a 3m x 3m tent will not be allowed in a 2.4m x 2.4m stall site)

How do I book a Casual Stall?

There are two types of Casual Stalls:

Pre-paid online bookings:

Online bookings can be done through this website and the stall chosen and paid for in one simple process (see above).

Using the online booking system you can select a date, look and select a stall from our bookings map and finally pay for it. After that you simply need to arrive and go straight to your stall on the day to set up.

You can book for any available dates listed when you go into the bookings area.

On line booking gives a guaranteed stall for the day you book. On the day of your booking you must be in your stall by 9am otherwise we will assume you are not coming and you will forfeit your stall.

Please be aware that once you have made a paid booking there is no refund or transfer for change of mind. If you are not sure about being able to come on a particular date we suggest you use the Stand-by method.

Stand-by stalls:

This method proves to be very reliable however officially it doesn’t offer the 100% guarantee that pre-paying online does. However it does still offer a strong likelihood of getting a stall on the day. No booking is necessary for this method you simply arrive and line up.

When: Line up 6.30am

Where: Derby Place laneway near the “no smoking”, “no dogs”sign. Line up on the footpath against the school fence.

Did my booking go through?

If you haven’t paid or if you haven’t received a receipt then you haven’t got a booking.

Check this information below to see if you can find the answer to your problem.

The booking system has an inbuilt safety mechanism that will hold the stall for 15 minutes while it waits for the bank to complete the transaction. If it doesn’t receive the money in 15 minutes then it will cancel the booking.

You should check your bank account to see if money has come out or not.

Screen freezes and internet dropping out are a common problem and unfortunately leave a lot of confusion. If you haven’t paid then definitely go ahead and make another booking as the first attempt will have been unsuccessful.

Another area where people have a problem is in the “Category” choice. You must choose a category or it will only send us an email inquiry but will not make a booking.

A third problem that people encounter is that someone else is looking at the same stall and one person just gets in before the other person.

Speed of internet connection may be the reason you can not book. The bank security will prevent you from getting into the bank if your internet is slow. If you are using wi-fi then this is common. Try using your phone data or a computer connected to the internet rather than wi-fi.

Another way to check is to go back into the booking system (if it has been more than 15 mins since you originally tried to book) go through the booking as if you were booking a stall and see if your name is on the map or not.

If you have waited the 15 mins and gone back into the system to check if your name is still in the stall or not and found that your name is no longer there then you don’t have a booking and you should go ahead and make another booking.

What can I do if the online bookings are full? Stand-by instructions.

Demand can be high and the week you choose may be booked out online.

If so, you can still get a stall by arriving early and lining up for a Stand-by stall.

No booking is required and this is available every Saturday. This method provides stalls for those who don’t know to book online or tried to book and it was booked out. It is also excellent if you are unsure if you can commit to a particular date. 

It proves to be extremely reliable as we haven’t turned anyone away for more than 12 months.

Arrive and line up before 6.30am in Derby place lane way on the footpath along the school fence. If you look at our market map it says “Stand-by Queue” on the footpath in Derby Place laneway.

At 6.30am David will come and take your names on the Stand-by list.

He will instruct you on what time to come back. It in normally 9am  so you will have time to go and have some breakfast or a coffee.

On returning the group will be taken by the staff and offered any available stalls. When you get a stall you pay for it then. The person at the front of the queue will be offered a stall first and then we will work through the list in order.

Even if it is booked out online, extra spaces become available and people will fail to come for Stand-by.

The prices are the same as the casual prices.

Market times, parking and what to do in wet weather?

The Market is open every Saturday unless it coincides with Christmas Day.

Gates open at 7am for unloading in Derby Place and Derwent St unloading areas.


Loading Zone times: Derby Place 7.00 – 8.45 All cars to be out before 8.45am.

Derwent st  7.00am – 7.45am. 

Afternoon- Derby place to open at 4.00pm for loading. Derwent St open at 4.15pm.

All cars out by 5.30pm.

All loading zones are 10 minutes only.

R section stalls- You not be able to set up untill the cars are out of this area. This will be by 8am. Pack up in the arvo- you will need to be packed up to side by 4.15pm.

Follow the direction of market staff to unloading and check-in areas

Once you have unloaded, then take your car to park off site. We recommend Parramatta Road (all day parking available along some sections). Please obey all traffic/parking directions on public streets.

Obey all normal traffic rules when accessing the market and unloading areas: do not double park, do no illegal U-turns or obstruct the flow of traffic in Glebe Point Rd or Derby Place during set-up and pack-up times. Do not put your car on the footpath.

The market operates every Saturday. It does not close. In wet weather the market still operates. Often overcast days fine up to become beautiful and stallholders say these sort of days repeatedly give a good turnover of trade. Likewise, Sydney weather varies from suburb to suburb and often when it is foul on the coast it is fine at Glebe. Be aware…there is no refund or transfer of any monies paid if you change your mind and decide not to come to the market once you have made a booking. 

What can I sell at Glebe Markets?

Most products are acceptable at Glebe Markets, there are some particular exceptions.
Products that may not be sold at Glebe Markets include live birds or animals, fakes or copies of designer brand names goods (new and second hand), weapons, items associated with the illegal use of drugs, or other items that the market management may consider unsuitable for the market. No offensive, counterfeit or unauthorised products may be sold.

Edible products can not be sold at stalls booked via the online booking system with out permission of the management.

Food Stalls:

These sites are under high demand at Glebe, and availability it restricted. You will need to discuss any potential food product with market management. Please inquire via email.

Refund and Transfer Policy

Glebe Markets has a “No refund or transfer for change of mind” policy. The markets are on every Saturday. “Change of mind” includes anything preventing you from coming whether planned or unplanned. 

Information for First Time Stallholders

How to book?

Simply click on the link above to select the date you want, choose and secure the stall you want, and pay. It makes arrival and set up easy with no need to queue. Staff can help you find the stall you have chosen. Easy!

Costs of stalls:

Please check the casual stall prices in the how much does a stall cost section above, plus the pricing as you enter to book through our online booking system.

Terms and Conditions

It is important that you view our terms and conditions before booking. This link provides a wide range of information for set-up on the day.

What time do I arrive?

If you have pre-paid online then arrive and go to your chosen stall before 9am.

If you don’t wish to pre-pay online guaranteeing yourself a stall for the date you choose, you can arrive on Saturday at 6.30am onwards and put your name down for the Stand-by list. Once you have put your name down for a Stand-by stall there will be some delay before you choose your stall.

Where do I go when I arrive?

We have 2 unloading zones. Derwent st (7am – 7.45 am) unloading zone and Derby Place (7am-8.45am) unloading zone. Market staff can assist you with finding your stall and other questions.

All loading zones are 10 minutes only.

It is vital that you remove your car and park elsewhere for the day. All-day parking is available along some sections of Parramatta Road. Please obey all traffic/parking directions on public streets.

R section stalls: Special set up and pack up times- You not be able to set up untill the cars are out of this area. This will be by 8am. Pack up in the arvo- you will need to be packed up to side by 4.15pm.

Are tents provided?

When you hire a stall you are paying for the empty space only. You need to provide what ever you want for that stall eg tent, umbrella, chairs, clothing racks.  You can hire tables for $10 each. We also have some racks that can be bought on the day for $10ea. You will probably want to bring something to cover your trestle table with as they are very plain.

Terms and conditions

There are no refunds or transfers of bookings for change of mind.

Arrival and pack up times.

1. Arrive and set up by 9am. Late arrivals (after 9am) will forfeit their stall.

2. Stalls D38 to D45 cannot set up in their stalls all cars are out of that area. They can set up after 7am. All stallholders must be in their stalls by 9am. In the afternoon their stall must be packed up and goods removed by 4.30pm precisely.

Stalls R1 – R39 can set up from 8am. Pack up in the afternoon by 4.15pm. See loading instructions below.

3. Pack up should be completed and the stall holder out of the grounds by 5pm.

4.Please be aware that Glebe Markets reserves the right to move stalls as required. Stallholders and visitors must comply with directions of the market managers.

Parking and unloading

1. No casual stall holders are allowed to drive into the general market stall area to unload or pack up.

Stall holders are to use one of the 2 loading areas. These areas are signed “Unloading zone, 10 minutes” . Derby Place between 7am-8.45am and 4.00pm onwards or Derwent St 7-7.45am and 4.15pm onwards .

2. The unloading zones have a 10 minute time limit. Do not set up your stall this is purely for unloading and loading. Cars must not be left unattended in loading areas.

3.Stall holders should park their cars after unloading on Paramatta Rd or Sydney university ( fees apply at Sydney uni).


The market is always on regardless of weather or varying aspects. It is up to the stall holder to decide whether they will set up in inclement weather.

Market Tents or umbrellas

Tents are not provided with market booking. If you would like to have covering of any sort you will need to bring your own. It is not a requirement to have covering it is your choice.

1. Tents and umbrellas must be weighed down with suitable weights at all times.

2. It is the stall holders responsibility to keep the tent/umbrella from blowing or falling over while at the market. Any damage or injury is the sole responsibility of the stall holder.

3.All market tents used must be the correct size to fit within the stall purchased. 

Garbage Disposal

Rubbish must be removed and taken away by the stallholder. Rubbish bins placed through out the market are for the visitors to the market. These bins are not for your product waste this includes :wrapping for racks,tents and other equipment, products that you have not sold , coat hangers etc . Stall holders must leave their stall space clean and free of rubbish on departure.

Change rooms

Change rooms are available in the women’s toilets entrance area.

Category choice

When booking on line you must choose the category that best describes your product that you intend to sell on your stall. If any of your products are second hand (even if they have never been used) then you must choose one of the second hand categories. 

Permission must be sought directly for any edible products, readings or any psychic services. These are not to be booked via the online booking system.

If there is a change of product (differing from your chosen category) after you have made the booking then you need to contact us ASAP and inform us.

Food and Beverage Stalls

All food and beverage stalls must first apply to trade directly with management. You cannot trade without the managements approval and holding relevant health certificates and insurances. Any bookings for food stalls made through the online booking system will be invalid.

Stalls booked through the on line booking system must not sell food or drinks without approval from the management prior to the markets.


There are no transfers or refunds for change of mind. This includes transfers to different locations, dates or people. Once a booking made it is final. “Changes of mind” includes any thing preventing you from coming whether planned or unplanned.

Prohibited goods

Products that may not be sold at Glebe Markets include live birds or animals, fakes or copies of designer brand names goods, weapons, items associated with the illegal use of drugs, or other items or services that the market management may consider unsuitable for the market. No offensive, counterfeit or unauthorised products may be sold.

Playing Music

All music played from a portable music player must play at a low volume for the sake of other stalls around them. Management reserves the right to request stallholders turn music down or off where necessary.

Emergency Gathering Point

In case of emergency please gather in “Minogue” Park. To get there cross Glebe Point Rd and head towards Broadway Shopping Centre. Minogue Park is just on your left after leaving Glebe Point Rd.

Glebe Markets is one of Sydney’s most well known Saturday markets with diversity, character and style.



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