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A quirky re-hashed folk-rock underbed for emotional confessions spanning love, loss and regret, occasionally hitting the funny-bone of Americana. Listen to Gene Gibson share his damning indictments of the capitalist machine, odes to the golden age of pub rock and fire and brimstone word servings with his intensely personal guitar fronted lyrical rock. Take the shapeshifting cross genre mimicry of David Bowie and cross it with the poetic sass of Dylan and Father John Misty, mix it in with the finesse of Beatles guitar pop and Beck’s wry observational word play, then deliver it all with the soulful country singing of The Band and you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to listen to his music. With influences from actual, real-dead poets, embarrassing drunken stories, and late-night musings, he invites you to boogie between laughing and crying, drink, think, then boogie again.

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