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You are required to operate your stall in a manner that will keep your customers and yourself safe from catching or passing on COVID-19. Some simple planning that will help keep your stall safe. These steps will make customers know that your stall is a safe place for them to shop.

These are the things you need to put in place for market day.

  • Have a large dispenser of hand sanitiser at the entrance of your stall for customers and yourself.
  • Do not come to the markets if you are sick.
  • Wash your hands regularly. Set a timer on your phone. The toilets will have soap and paper towels.
  • Two (2) stallholders maximum per stall (except food stalls).
  • Consider having cashless payments. If you are taking cash clean your hands after every time you handle cash.
  • Keep 1.5m from your customers and other stallholders.
  • Download the COVID Safe app.
  • Have a garbage bag to tidy stall rubbish and please take home. Clean frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant and disposable (eg: paper towel) wipes.
  • Do not car share in groups to get to the markets. If you are not from the same household then wear masks in the car.
  • Have masks on hand to wear if elderly customers are nearby or it suddenly gets busy.
  • Consider the stall layout to put space between you and your customer eg: a table or the best way to allow room to move.
  • Have signs saying the maximum number of customers per stall which should be no more than 2 at a time. Consider asking customers to wait a moment before entering when your stall is at capacity.
  • Order your lunch, snacks or drinks from the food stalls using the new online ordering system using the Glebe Markets QR Code located around the market and on the lawn. You can order and pay online and then you will be able to pick up without any waiting!
  • Do not leave anything in your stall space at the end of the day especially food or drink containers. Please bring rubbish bags to clean up your stall space.



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