Lovin" Spoonfuls

Lemon Chiffon

A Bit About Our Food: We offer a range of sumptuous, decadent cakes & savoury baked goods that just happen to be gluten, sugar & dairy free - all items are Paleo & many are vegan. They are full of flavor, look beautiful, yet are non allergenic and very healthy. They taste like proper home made food, baked like your Nanna might make, but are super healthy and really good for you.

Because we believe in supporting the planet and our local economy all our products are made from totally natural, seasonal ingredients – as much as possible grown by local farmers or made by local people.

We use as much spray free and organic produce as we can get our hands on because it tastes better and it's good for you.

Whatever your dietary restrictions, there will be something for you in our range.

T. 0427450995
E. Foodfromlovinspoonful@gmail.com