Information for first time stall holders

Welcome to Glebe Markets.

Thank you for booking a stall at Glebe Markets. We hope you have a fantastic day at the markets. This is some information that we have gleaned from our experience at the markets that may help you in preparing for your day at Glebe.

Tell your friends.

When you come to Glebe Markets it is a great opportunity to have a fantastic day while selling your goods. What better way than to make sure all your friends drop by during the day and say "Hello" ( and maybe mind your stall while you go and grab some lunch!) Make sure you let all your friends know where you will be by directing them to the market map where they can see you listed. Your listing will show from the Sunday before your booking all through the week and on the day you have your stall.

Arriving and setting up.

Make sure you leave plenty of time to arrive and set up so you have a calm start to the day.
Important-You must have some thing in your stall before 9am or you will forfeit your stall. You do not need to be set up just have some of your belongings in the stall space so we know you are here.
We provide 2 unloading zones. All unloading zones are 10 minutes only. This is not time to set up your stall only to unload your car then remove it to park elsewhere.

 Derwent st unloading zone 7am- 7.45am.

Also at the top of Derby Place where you have 10 minutes to unload your car before taking it off site.

Derby place unloading zone is from 7am untill 8.45am. 
This is only time to unload your goods not to set up your stall.
The gates into the unloading area are open from 7am and staff on the gate will take down your number plate and ask you which stall you are in. Please have your receipt handy or at least know your stall number. If you have booked for a group of friends please note that there is only one car per stall (in total) allowed into the loading area.
If you have a stall in the Raised area  (stalls starting with R) you will not be able to set up your stall until all cars are out of that area. You should unload your car and park it between 7-7.45am but will need to keep your belongings at the edge of the unloading area.
We advise not to start selling until you have set up your stall. You do not need to sell anything until you are ready.

Packing up

Our official trading hours are 10 am - 4pm.

Raised area ( R  stalls)- You will need to have all your goods and equipment packed up or packed to the side edges of the area by 4.15pm.
If you are in the Downtown area In stalls D16 to D48  or Central C13 to C22 you will need to have all your goods and equipment moved to the edges of the area before 4.30pm. 
You are not required to stay until any particular time and you can pack up when ever you wish. 
You will not be able to drive your car into the market area but you will be able to use the loading area at the top of Derby place or Derwent st to reload. These will re open at 4.15pm  Please pack all your goods before bringing your car into the loading area.
As we are in school grounds please pick up all your rubbish including small rubbish like rubber bands and stickers as we need to leave the school tidy for the children.
We do not have facilities to dispose of your garbage or unwanted goods so please take everything home with you.
Please return all tables to the container and stack them how you found them in the morning.

What is provided.

When you hire a stall you hire the stall space only.
You may wish to hire tables they are $10 each. You can book these on line. If you wish to hire a table after you have finished the booking just see the staff on the day of the markets and pay them They will give you a receipt.
Tents are not provided. We do not have any to hire.
If you wish to purchase a tent make sure you get one that will fit into the stall space you have hired. Good places to try are Hardware shops eg Masters and Bunnings , also outdoor and camping shops, variety shops eg Reject shop, Kmart etc.

We do have some 2nd hand clothes racks for sale on the day. See staff to purchace.

What should I bring?

Things that you might not think of bringing include

  •  Something to sit on.
  • Water to drink (there is a food safe hose in the play ground behind the Indian food stall where you can refill)
  •  Sun protection (hats, umbrellas etc)
  •  Rain protection 
  •  A trolley to get your goods from your car to your stall.
  •  Bags to take your rubbish home with you.
  • Clothing racks
  • Price tags
  • A float of change. Especially coins and small notes.
  • "Bum bag" for your change and money.
  • Clips,sticky tape, string bulldog clips, spring clamps etc. These can be good to hold your goods in place.
  • Price signs.
  • Wedges to stop clothing racks rolling away or to even up table legs.
  • Weights to hold down tents,umbrellas,clothing racks.
  • Good attitude and expectations of a great day!

What I can not bring.

There are some things you can't have at the markets.

  •  Dogs. 
  • Smoking. Please smoke outside the school grounds and put your butts into the bin when you have finished
  • Alcohol
  •  Fakes of counterfeit goods. Even second hand.
  • Offensive material. The markets are held in a school property.

What if it looks like rain?

Glebe Markets is an out door market that runs regardless of weather.
Many times the weather forecast is for some level of rain. This does not mean that it will actually rain. Often the rest of Sydney is raining and it is dry in Glebe. We do suggest that you bring some sort of covering to protect your goods if a sudden shower blows across. Suggestions are a tarpaulin or painters drop sheet.
Our regular stall holders have found that they can do very good trade on rainy days as people are in a different mood and often buy more. There is also less competition as there will be some stall holders who stay away.
If it is a really wet day and you have booked a 2.4m stall but only have a larger tent I suggest that you bring it anyway as we may be able to upgrade you to a larger stall. This will be subject to availability but we will do our best to help out with out disadvantaging other stall holders.

Keeping safe

While most people are kind and honest there are a few thieves around. Always keep your phone and all money on your body at all times.  

If you are sending some of your goods to the change rooms make sure you get some surety eg an ID card or get them to pay in full or a deposit and then refund them when they come back if they don't want to buy the item.

There are also some professional scammers who frequent the markets. Beware when taking money to hold onto the note until you have counted the change back to the customer. Also beware of people putting other items in their bag while asking you about a different item.

If you do have any troubles call us immediately on the market phone number 0419 291 449 . Please also report all incidents (no matter how small) to the police on 

Police assistance line-131 444

Glebe Police station-9552 8099