Market Map and Stallholder Listing

These stalls will be at Glebe Markets this Saturday.

Click on our regular stall holders to see more information or see their information below the map.

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Stallholder Listing

  • Sappo Trading

    Sappo Trading  We have a colourful selection of clothing and accessories. Our stall has been described as the gypsy stall, the hippy stall and the colourful pant…
  • Jack Whoppy

    Visit Jack Whoppy in stall C39 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Jack Whoppy Jack Whoppy design and print t-shirts for men, women, and children. The designs revolve around science, nerd, pop culture, as well as the use of lame puns - a Jack…
  • Aloha Whanita

    Visit Aloha Whanita in stall C6 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Aloha Whanita 100% UV Protected vintage and fashion sunglasses. Updated styles every season for men, women and children. Phone No. 0469 885 973 Email:…
  • Stellino

    Visit Stellino in stall L2 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Stellino Stellino is dedicated to delivering the latest trends in women's fashion to you, with Australian brands like MinkPink, Staple The Label, Paint It Red, All About Eve,…
  • Felt by Neelu

    Visit Felt by Neelu in stall C9 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Felt by Neelu Vibrant Felt is proud to present the fabric of Felt known for its colourful layers of designs from home decor to lifestyle and fashion. Felt is non woven wool that is…
  • Rust Leather

    Visit Rust Leather in stall C57 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Rust Leather For almost ten years...Rust Leather has been intimately involved in the production of handmade uniquely designed leather products including journals, satchel bags, wallets…
  • Amo Designs

    Visit Amo Designs in stall C2 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Amo Designs Locally hand-crafted goods including ladies and men's leather belts, leather diaries, notebooks, drawing pads. Large range of different wristbands. Purses, phone…
  • buKo

    Visit buKo in stall C38 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    buKo At buKo we're all about taking everyday products and putting a natural spin on them. Discover our wooden sunglasses, phone cases, watches and other tech and…
  • Anasa

    Visit Anasa in stall C59 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Anasa Anasa Multi Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Gourmet Table Olives. Taste the Difference. Tel: 02 83153238
  • Jacky Lestrange Vintage Clothing

    Visit Jacky Lestrange Vintage Clothing in stall C31 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Jacky Lestrange Vintage Clothing One of the original Glebe market stallholders, I have been trading "under the big tree" for well over 20 years. Vintage clothing, and modern…
  • Spitafields Sydney

    Visit Spitafields Sydney in stall U15 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Spitafields Sydney Dresses, tops and ladies fashion designed from the streets of around the world. Mostly UK and Europe. email: …
  • Laondrim

    Visit Laondrim in stall C21 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Laondrim Welcome to Laondrim. I am striving to meetcustomer’s right and to make their heart beam with joy! Most of my items are quite simple and dainty. They are classic…
  • Celinia Handbags

    Visit Celinia Handbags in stall C5 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Celinia Handbags Celinia Handbags Affordable, high quality handbags and ladies fashion in the most up to date styles. Contact number:9597 3488 or 0401 084 888. Email :…
  • Moonstone

    Visit Moonstone in stall D10 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Moonstone Moonstone specializes in tribal jewellery and accessories. We source our inspiration for our products from traditional artisan techniques and cultures that we have experience…
  • Muns Vintage

    Visit Muns Vintage in stall T3 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Muns Vintage Andrew Munro and his wife, Kylie have been manufacturing clothing from vintage fabrics in Sydney since 1998. On the stall there is an eclectic collection of vintage…

    Visit in stall L1 at Glebe Markets this Saturday! Handmade resin jewellery. Made by Aldo himself.  Phone : 9718 5770 Email :
  • The Citrus Factory

    Visit The Citrus Factory in stall L31 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    The Citrus Factory At The Citrus Factory we feel our product of fresh lemonade (made to order in a cocktail shaker) containing 100 percent natural Australian products will tantalize…
  • Boheme Art + Design

    Visit Boheme Art + Design in stall C13 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Boheme Art + Design Boheme Art + Design has been creating and selling a unique selection of hand-crafted leather stationery, bags and travel accessories for over 15 years. With a focus…
  • KeskiPan

    Visit KeskiPan in stall L27 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    KeskiPan Keski Pan has the most popular pastries and authentic Mexican Street food available at Glebe Markets every Saturday. Serving "Mexican empanadas” - Baked Pasties filled…
  • Marlow Vintage

    Visit Marlow Vintage in stall D50 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Marlow Vintage MARLOW VINTAGE Vintage allows you to express yourself in a way that is totally unique to you. All our clothing is one of a kind, hand selected with a focus on…
  • White rabbit couture

    Visit White rabbit couture in stall U16 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    White rabbit couture Moleskine journals, women's fashion and hosiery and jewellery.   phone number: 0415 934 674. 
  • Sunshine Softgoods

    Visit Sunshine Softgoods in stall C48 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Sunshine Softgoods Wooden & leather wrist watches. Limited edition handcrafted jewellery created by us made of rhodium plated metal, gem stones and murano glass beads. Leather…
  • Tall Grass Cane Juice

    Visit Tall Grass Cane Juice in stall L25 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Tall Grass Cane Juice Tall Grass Cane Juice was conceived at a Brazilian festival after a chance encounter with an amazing drink called sugarcane juice. We decided then to share our…
  • Four Friends

    Visit Four Friends in stall C27 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Four Friends Serving freshly brewed Masala Chai, espresso coffee from Single Origin Roasters and delicious homemade pancakes, Chai Walla is the perfect place to kick back,…
  • All Vintage

    Visit All Vintage in stall D11 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    All Vintage An endless array of street-wear from the Seventies through to the Nineties. Stock is always changing and no two…
  • Making Scents Soy Candles & Melts

    Visit Making Scents Soy Candles & Melts in stall D8 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Making Scents Soy Candles & Melts   A simple blend of soy wax & fragrance oils allows our deliciously cheerful inspired scents to carry throughout your space. Creating…
  • Madras Cuisine

    Visit Madras Cuisine in stall L28 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Madras Cuisine We have been successfully serving locals and visitors at Glebe Markets for the past 24 years. Known for our quality and value, we have been preparing exceptional…
  • With Love By Karen

    Visit With Love By Karen in stall U12 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    With Love By Karen Handmade sterling silver and gemstone jewellery, uniquely designed gemstone belts, accessories and guardian angels. A wide selection of freeform, carved and…
  • Pure accessories

    Pure accessories Welcome to PURE Accessories, the perfect stall for all your fashion accessories. We specialise in hand made bracelets and necklaces plus an extensive range of elegant…
  • Eve

    Visit Eve in stall D24 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Eve   Eve Sliver Jewellery is proudly based in Sydney, Australia. Eve Sliver Jewellery uses genuine material of fine and premium sliver and with plated gold and through this…
  • Sherwood Garden Home Fragrances

    Visit Sherwood Garden Home Fragrances in stall D21 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Sherwood Garden Home Fragrances At Sherwood Garden Home Fragrances, we strive to create the best quality handmade home fragrance products. Our nostalgic range of classic and…
  • Simon Cooper Bookseller

    Visit Simon Cooper Bookseller in stall C28 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Simon Cooper Bookseller Quality used & collectable books and music.,  mobile  0435 184 353
  • Studio Jewellery

    Visit Studio Jewellery in stall U27 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Studio Jewellery Studio Jewellery features a wide range of fine 925 sterling silver rings and earring studs. We are constantly adding new products on a weekly basis and specialise in…
  • Run Cinta Run

    Run Cinta Run RUN CINTA RUN is for the free spirited soul that seeks to be stylish wherever one wanders. Encouraging the individual to embrace their inner bohemian goddess,…
  • Natasha's clothing and brick a brack.

    Natasha's clothing and brick a brack. ‘Natasha’s Clothing and Bric a Brac’ is just that! My name is Natasha, I have been a long time collector of unique and…
  • Cake Got Your Tongue

    Visit Cake Got Your Tongue in stall C24 at Glebe Markets this Saturday!
    Cake Got Your Tongue Cake Got Your Tongue is a locally based business run by one little lady, Nicole! Hi ☺ I work to provide foodies with a wide range of delectable baked…

    Visit in stall U20 at Glebe Markets this Saturday! At Fernworks, you will find a variety of "vegan leather" "accessories" , vibrant colours and fun charms – You are free to release your inner artistry &…