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Tailor Birds

Tailor Birds performs at Glebe Markets

Electric violin, live looping, foley art and all things good, this is world folk at its' finest, and music at its' most raw. Music to sooth the soul, warm the spirit, and ignite your passion, this sound is all about the vibe and positive energy, building an audience that is as diverse as much as it is one.

Sophie Kinston, electric violinist and front woman for Tailor Birds, is now back in Australia fresh off the back of a 6th European summer tour, through Holland, Ireland, Italy, the UK and Germany. With 70 plus performances this summer, including being an invited act at Ferrara Buskers, one of the worlds' biggest street festivals around, this music is all about connecting people to something good again, in a world that is constantly changing. October sees the release of 5th Tailor Birds record 'Where will we go to break free from the Crows', so pick up a copy if you can.

​Tailor Birds will be playing on the lawn 12-3pm.