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Sydney Human Towers

Human towers Sydney

Exciting news ahead! Sydney Human towers will be performing at the Glebe markets on the 19th of October! It will be a unique occasion for the Sydney residents to experience the thrill and the emotion of a human tower performance, something that is very rarely seen outside of Catalonia. So be there from 12 to 2pm: don't miss the chance to be amazed by their "castells"!

But... what are "castells"? "Castells" (or human towers) are an inclusive activity in which "castellers" (human towers builders) climb on each others' shoulders to build the highest tower and help the bravest kid "touch the sky". This unique cultural tradition from Catalonia, listed as Worldʻs Heritage by the UNESCO in 2010, combines culture and physical exercise and requires strength, balance, courage and seny ("good sense") to succeed.

As in any other “colla” (team), Sydney human towers have people of all ages, genders, nacionalities and social backgrounds working together to achieve the same goal: to build the highest and most complex towers. Born in June 2016, their aim is to expand the “castells” tradition in Australia and teach everyone interested how to build human towers.

Don't miss this oportunity to be "casteller" for one day and come to Glebe markets to watch them raising their highest towers at the Glebe markets!