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Sam Joole

Performing Free at Glebe Markets

Sam will be playing on the lawn between 12 - 3pm

Sam Joole plays at Glebe Markets

Australian Singer Sam Joole ( has been touring, performing, recording and composing music across the world for the last two decades. Constantly searching for new inspirations, new cultures, and musical traditions to sample and work with, he regularly performs in Sydney where he generally resides, but also does regular residencies at world class ski resorts, Resort Islands , and Festivals around the globe.

Possessing an innate love of interpreting different genres into his own songs, Sam draws heavily from folk-pop traditions. In his songs you can often find strong hints at North American blues, Country and soul, as well as African harmonies, Celtic patterns and classical melodies. No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors. With Sam Joole, what you see is what you get: Unique original Australian acoustic music. Sam Joole is a true storyteller and entertainer and has remained undefinable and un-categorizable for nearly two decades of artistry.

Sam’s first solo album, “The Crescent and the Moon”, was released in 2011 to five star reviews. Recorded in South America and Los Angeles These acoustic and live recordings are a powerful collection of songs that are personal, honest and accessible.

Sam`s second solo album , Shapeshifting was released in 2014 and featured a huge cast of Australian artists. It was recorded in Sydney. Shapeshifting was performed the year after at The Wooden Boat Festival, as well as headline shows at Eastern Lounge, Manly Fig, Hamilton Islands - Marina Daze, Mandala Organic Arts and Many more.It has also recieved radio play on triple J, ABC and in the UK and America

Sams third Solo Album, Messages. is so far available online through itunes and Bandcamp. Was recorded in Tel Aviv and is still be physically released.