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Ghostly Gums

Ghostly Gums art installation

Art installation at Glebe Markets with a Christmas twist!

In light of the recent news report on the ABC, it is time we draw the Australian population to the unique beauty of Australian flora and fauna. We watch the gradual extinction of animals and plants, however it makes very little difference to those in the city where the bush does not permeate. A plague of mange is driving wombats into extinction and is described by Dr Scott Carver of The University of Tasmania as “... the most slow, debilitating, painful death that I have seen of any animal.” This should be a great concern. It is not the first time wombats have featured in tragedy in recent years. September 2015 wombats also featured in the news, for an uncommonly high rate of road kill. In Kangaroo Valley 10 wombats were killed in a 24 hour period, 4 were nursing mothers. By the end of the month the death toll reached 15. It was suspected that these were deliberate. It seems like small numbers, but for an endangered species that is slow to reproduce, this was quite a hard hit for their population.

I will be creating a fantastical wombat sanctuary, a mythical place where wombats are free from harm. The artwork will re create the Australian bush in shades of pink and blue. Ceramic wombats will be nestled in soft wool burrows. There will be family/children interactive sections, as well as fantastical creatures in elaborate costumes. It will be a celebration of Australian animals and plant life in a unique and creative experience. It will be a place that encourages wonderment and curiosity - qualities said to be quite prevalent in wombats. It will also be an opportunity to give out information on organisations such as Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary who dedicate their lives to protecting wombats.

Image by Nicki Costi.  @nickicosti.